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At Indo-Pacific Solution, ‘experience’ is not merely a chronological matter; it is an acquiring of expertise in a changing environment; a matter of not just keeping pace with, but anticipating – and sometimes even initiating - change. Over the years, we keep reinventing ourselves in order to offer a fine-tuned gamut of services, leveraging our well-established market presence to benefit our clients. Indo-Pacific’s growth curve has been dynamic and we offer a complete Logistics Solution in conventional shipping to a growing but select clientele across the globe. Based in Chennai, Indo-Pacific has offices at Visakhapatnam, Krishnapatnam, Hyderabad, and Kakinada, and created close associates at Calcutta, and Gujarat – a network that effectively covers all shipping locales and requirements across the country.

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What we do


We are Chennai’s largest general cargo stevedores by virtue of handling GEN SHIPPING PACIFIC,SINGAPORE’S

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Shore Logistics

We enjoy a considerable standing and reputation in the Port Sector biz and are members of various trade

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Indo-Pacific Solution was founded on the cornerstone of the belief that success is built on real work, acquired knowledge

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